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Cleft and Craniofacial Center
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We have completed more than 10,000 free cleft surgeries, and we performed approximately 800 free cleft surgeries every year.
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Anesthesia Management
Aesthetic management of children with clefts lip and palate is quite challenging. However, the wide array of equipment and drugs now available has made pediatric anesthesia extremely safe in experienced hands. Anesthesiologists of our cleft team are well trained in handling babies. Protocols for safety have resulted in an enviable safety record in our center. All babies are assessed well before surgery by the anesthetic team, and additional investigations if any are done before surgery.

International guidelines are followed for starvation, airway management and blood management. Unique measures for pain management are also being practised to ensure that the child is comfortable and pain-free after surgery. Finally, the anesthesia team monitors the child for more than 6-8 hours after surgery before the child is transferred to the ward. These ensure that your child undergoes a safe, comfortable and incident-free surgery with us.

It is very essential that parents follow the instruction given by the anesthesiologist very strictly especially regarding not giving feeding few hours before surgery. It is necessary that surgeon and anesthetist know about any other problem the child has. Average time for cleft surgery is about 1-2 hours while the craniofacial surgery takes 3-6 hours. After long surgery children may be kept in paediatric ICU for 1-2 days.
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