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Cleft and Craniofacial Center
Sri Ramachandra University
Porur, Chennai, 600116
We have completed more than 10,000 free cleft surgeries, and we performed approximately 800 free cleft surgeries every year.
What is cleft Lip & Palate ?
What are craniofacial deformities?
How to feed cleft baby?
At what age treatment starts?
Will child be like normal child aftertreatment?
What is treatment for whole in palate after palate repair?
How to go about if I have speechproblem even after palate repair?
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Team and philosophy
Meet our team
Feeding of cleft baby
Surgery & Timing
Anesthesia management
Speech therapy
Pediatric Dental Treatment
Orthodontic treatment
Ear problem
Refinement and Nose correction surgeries
Craniofacial cleft and anomalies
Orthognathic Surgery
Surgery & Timing
Plan of Treatment
Age Of Child What should be done?
At birth First consultation with the Cleft Care Team. Assessment of the problem and parents counseling
3 - 5 Months Cleft lip repair with nose correction
9-18 Months Cleft palate repair (only cleft palate-surgery 7-9months)
1 - 2 Years Hearing check-up to rule out middle ear collection to prevent infection
2 - 4 Years Close watch on the development of speech therapy. Regular dental check-up with the pediatric dentist.
4 - 6 Years Speech therapy, when necessary. If indicated, Surgery for speech improvement which is necessary in 10-15%
of children after palate operation
6 - 12 Years Dental check-up and orthodontic treatment, if necessary, bone graft for the defect in the alveolus at between
7-9 years. If bilateral, then may need two times surgery.
Teenage years Surgery of the jaws if there a gross mal-alignment and Rhinoplasty to.improve shape of nose if patient demands
Adult Genetic counseling.
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